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Carla Wimberly

Dear DBKF:

My name is Carla Wimberly. I am a 43 year old single mother of two sons named Christian and Aaron, ages 16 and 3. Today I humbly ask for your help.

July 29th, I was told that both of my kidneys were functioning at 10% and that my hemoglobin level is at 7.25.

As a result I've been advised to start dialysis immediately so that my hemoglobin doesn't fall any lower, which would result in the need of a blood transfusion.

I was informed that if this happened it would be nearly impossible for me to receive the kidney transplant.

I am scared. I worry about my sons whom I love dearly. I am willing to participate in any program that would give me a fighting chance at living a little longer. It is so important that I be here to watch my sons grow up.

I thank you in advance for any and all assistance that you will provide me. Sincerely, Carla Wimberly
For more information send email to:

or Call: 917-699-6714

She desperately
needs a Kidney.
Her blood type is "O"
Carla needs your help now.

Please consider
being a living donor.

If you or your donor
has any questions
about living kidney
donation, please
call us at

All donors wishing
to be screened
confidentially are
asked to contact
us by email at

DBKFoundation@ gmail.com
The Dennis Bligen Kidney Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in honor of Dennis Bligen, who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2002.

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